Welcome to BidAskTrader

Hello and welcome to BidAskTrader
For a moment, ignore this fancy name. This is just a blog about trading the futures market.
Regardless of whether you are new to trading or you are a little familiar with the markets, hopefully my experience can help and maybe give you a few new ideas.
I've been a professional trader for many years, but when I started I was in the same place as most newbies.
I looked for videos and tips on how to act exactly on the Internet and in truth I didn't really get any further then.
It was only when I actually learned how to trade with a professional trading company that I really understood what to do. There is so much bad information that I just wanted to help newbies get started on the right foot.
If you want to be a trader, you can for sure. But remember, you have to learn it the right way and this takes hard work.
Hopefully my blog and course is a good starting point for you on the way to becoming a profitable trader.
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