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Hello and welcome.

Regardless of whether you are a new trader or a little experienced, hopefully you will find some information here that will help you on your trading journey.

I know from my own experience that it can sometimes be a rocky road ...

When I started, I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I didn't know what to do, where to do it, and I certainly had no idea how to do it. I had just started studying finance at a university and now I'm beginning to absorb all the stock exchanges informations - but that wasn't the case

I spent the first months of my trading career in a sea of ​​information overload. I read all the different strategies and ideas and ended up being more than fascinated.

After practicing on the simulator for months (all without success), I came across a company that was looking for traders. Now I wasn't a trader yet, but I was very eager to learn and I think I'm very committed. The company was a so-called prop house or proprietary trading firm. Basically, this is a company that trade their own money and train people from scratch to hire them afterwards.

When I started training, the first thing I learned was that if you want to be a successful trader you have to be 100% committed and use the order book. It was also important for me to recognize that we were not trying to reinvent the wheel. They didn't need a secret trading system or inside information. Trading is about doing what already works and just bringing in your own style.

I was very lucky to get started on the right track. Many fail because they start wrong. Most people just need a little help to go in the right direction. Trading is an incredibly challenging task, but if you are committed and willing to work, you can get there. I can't help you get involved, but at least I can show you how to start thinking about the markets, that's my goal. When I'm not trading, I like to play golf and play sports. When there is time and I don't just sit and work in front of the screen, I like to travel around the world like any other person.

If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at any time, I will be happy to help you.

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