Student's trading performance - month of March

A short foreword to the publication, the performance of my test participant. First of all, I would like to point out that I am always very reluctant to publish profits and losses for the world. There are many reasons, but mainly because it is very personal to publish your earnings and trading is also a personal “game” in which everyone acts for themselves and has their own hurdles. However, I am aware that as a trader who goes here in the "public", I have to show a kind of legitimacy and transparency.

My student did not get off to an optimal start in March, the first two weeks were roughly breakeven, which is completely normal when you first switch from the simulator to live trading. After he got his emotions under control (there are market phases in which it is more difficult to trade or there are simply other market conditions, e.g. corona virus), his trading started to become profitable. He initially only traded the account with one lot and in the CN, which is also completely sufficient for the beginning.

He can also be very happy with himself, it is not a matter of course to perform such a performance in the first month of live. His optimal risk management also contributed a lot, his average loss was $ 65.01, with a net profit of $ 2145.

If the pictures below are too small for you, just zoom in a little.

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