Student's trading performance - month of April

My student got off to a good start in April, with profits in the first few days. However, after the first few days he had to struggle with his psyche again, just like in the previous month, so he acted again in the breakeven area for the first two weeks of the month. After this phase, he regained consistency in his trading, which can be seen very well in the performance. It is also a very nice example of how important the emotions / psyche is in trading and it is not just the approach that matters.

On the whole, my student can be very satisfied with himself, if he manages to get his emotions under control, he performs very well. He continued to trade the account with a lot, which I still recommend, since after two months of trading you are still not a constantly profitable trader and you don't have to take unnecessary risks.

Sehr gut war wieder sein optimales Riskmanagement, sein durchschnittlicher Verlust liegt bei 37,53$, bei einem Nettogewinn von 1.528,38$.

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March + April

Here you can see his performance from March and April summarized.

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